CCJL announces support for bills to address construction litigation costs

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Supports Senate Bills 45 & 156

Recognizing the importance of addressing Colorado's construction litigation problem, Colorado Civil Justice League is supporting both Senate Bill 45 (sponsored by Sen. Angela Williams, Senate President Kevin Grantham, Rep. Cole Wist and Speaker Crisanta Duran) and Senate Bill 156 (sponsored by Sen. Owen Hill, Rep. Lori Saine and Rep. Cole Wist).

"Both of these bills represent small steps toward resolving known factors that drive up construction costs and make homeownership unaffordable," stated CCJL executive director Mark Hillman.

"Neither bill is a panacea, and both may require amendment. However, it is vitally important to keep all potential solutions moving forward."

CCJL commends the sponsors of these bills for engaging in bipartisan efforts to help homeowners obtain satisfaction when they encounter a legitimate construction defect and to help contractors and subcontractors find relief from runaway litigation costs.




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