Preserving Common Sense in the Courtroom.

Colorado Civil Justice League is the only organization in Colorado focused exclusively on limiting unreasonable lawsuits and preserving common sense in the courtroom.

Latest News

Civil Justice Review of 2022 Colorado General Assembly

When the Colorado General Assembly adjourned on May 11, its record on civil justice was nothing to write home about. For advocates of Common Sense in the Courtroom, this was no surprise given the expansions of liability handed to TV lawyers over the past four years. ...

Want to encourage frivolous lawsuits? Pass HB 1272.

Not long ago, Colorado discouraged frivolous or speculative lawsuits. But such safeguards have been eroded. The penalty for filing a lawsuit that is frivolous, groundless or vexations (Section 13-17-101, C.R.S.) is so seldom invoked by judges that it's essentially a...

Legislators honored with ‘Common Sense’ awards for 2021

DENVER — Colorado Civil Justice League announced winners of its  Common Sense in the Courtroom Awards, given to state legislators who have demonstrated a commitment to curtailing lawsuit abuse and protecting small business and working families from the cost of...

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster a fair and efficient system of civil justice through laws that provide both adequate compensation for victims of wrongdoing or negligence and proper protections against unfounded, abusive or speculative claims and courts that attract and retain high-quality judges who efficiently and capably adjudicate case, adhere ot the rule of law, and refrain frmo substituting their own policy preferences in place of or in the absence of written law.