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LAB member Jordan Lipp named 2023 Lawyer of the Year

Jordan Lipp, a member attorney at Childs McCune, has been selected as 2023 Lawyer of the Year by Colorado Civil Justice League.  He will receive this award at CCJL’s Legislative Awards Luncheon on Oct. 10. A longtime member of CCJL’s Legal Advisory Board, Jordan has...

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CCJL announces Common Sense legislators for 2023

DENVER — Colorado Civil Justice League announced winners of its Common Sense in the Courtroom Awards, given to state legislators who have demonstrated a commitment to curtailing lawsuit abuse and protecting small business and working families from the cost of...

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Lawsuits are stalling entry-level housing, driving up prices

Recently at, Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce president Johanna Reeder Kleymeyer offered a concise explanation of the primary barrier to construction of affordable entry-level housing in Colorado: Construction defects lawsuits in Colorado have become a...

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Lawsuits should be last resort in march to disability access

From Colorado Politics op-ed by CCJL executive director Mark Hillman: State Rep. David Ortiz (D-Littleton) makes a compelling advocate for the rights and struggles of disabled Coloradans. “I lived 30 years as an able-bodied leg-walker, a five-minute-mile running,...

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Misplacing the blame for mass shootings

From the Denver Gazette, op-ed by CCJL executive director Mark Hillman: Last year, the Colorado General Assembly demonstrated the good sense to pass Senate Bill 115, recogning that property owners are not liable for actions committed on their property by criminals. ...

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