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Governor’s vetoes improve legislative scorecard

Governor Polis vetoed two bills that put employers in the crosshairs for still more lawsuits, improving the product of this year’s Colorado General Assembly.  Still, legislators passed 25 bills that use the threat of litigation for enforcement, either by creating...

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Lawmakers too often rely on lawsuits to enforce laws

From The Denver Post: By Mark Hillman Last year’s lawsuit binge by the Colorado legislature is only getting worse. Rather than use the executive branch to enforce laws (like we learned in school), legislators continue to write bills using private lawsuits for...

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Retrospective lawsuits still violate constitution

Published at On Feb. 7, a Colorado Senate committee heard heart-rending testimony from people who suffered sexual abuse beginning as minors at the hands of a trusted adult.  These witnesses asked lawmakers to pass SCR 1, offering voters an...

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Legislators need a lawsuit diet

Originally published in Colorado Politics. By Mark Hillman Businesses that fuel Colorado’s economic engine can’t be blamed for cringing at the specter of the Colorado legislature’s return this month.  Plaintiffs lawyers, however, are not cringing.  Instead, the people...

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LAB member Jordan Lipp named 2023 Lawyer of the Year

Jordan Lipp, a member attorney at Childs McCune, has been selected as 2023 Lawyer of the Year by Colorado Civil Justice League.  He will receive this award at CCJL’s Legislative Awards Luncheon on Oct. 10. A longtime member of CCJL’s Legal Advisory Board, Jordan has...

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