Colorado Civil Justice League is the only organization in Colorado focused exclusively on limiting unreasonable lawsuits and preserving common sense in the courtroom.

CCJL is a nonpartisan organization with members in manufacturing, automotive, energy, health care, insurance, construction, entertainment, financial, legal and small business.

Our mission is to foster a fair and efficient system of civil justice through:

  • Laws that provide both adequate compensation for victims of wrongdoing or negligence and proper protections against unfounded, abusive or speculative claims, and
  • Courts that attract and retain high quality judges who efficiently and capably adjudicate cases, adhere to the rule of law, and refrain from substituting their own policy preferences in place of or in the absence of written law.

For more than 20 years, Colorado’s business community worked with state lawmakers to create one of the nation’s best systems of civil justice through tort reform legislation that preserved common sense and due process. In 2003 and 2004, Colorado passed a series of measures that

  • Enacted one of the nation’s strongest product liability laws,
  • Restored non-economic damage caps in medical malpractice lawsuits,
  • Established sensible remedies to construction defects disputes without litigation,
  • Limited the ability of the Attorney General to hire “bounty hunter” private attorneys on a contingency-fee basis.

Not surprisingly, plaintiffs’ attorneys have recently sought to roll back those gains and the business community is playing defense.

Still, Colorado’s leadership position is threatened. The Boardroom Guide to State Litigation, published by Directorship magazine, dropped Colorado’s lawsuit climate from 10th to 22nd, noting:

The state’s liability climate, once one of the best, is now only neutral, and unfolding events further threaten its position. Anti-reform lawmakers are moving forward with legislation that will tilt the courts in favor of plaintiffs. … The Colorado Supreme Court has demonstrated a willingness to expand tort liability.

Pacific Research Institute’s U.S. Tort Index now ranks Colorado 41st.