Colorado Civil Justice League is the only organization in Colorado focused exclusively on limiting unreasonable lawsuits and preserving common sense in the courtroom.

CCJL is a nonpartisan organization with members in manufacturing, automotive, energy, health care, insurance, construction, entertainment, finance, legal and small business.

Our Mission

  • To foster a balanced and efficient civil justice system for the benefit of all.

Our Vision

  • A Colorado where laws protect against abusive claims and courts adhere to the rule of law.

For more than 20 years, Colorado’s business community worked with state lawmakers to create one of the nation’s best systems of civil justice through tort reform legislation that preserved common sense and due process. 

Not surprisingly, plaintiffs’ attorneys have recently sought to roll back those gains and the business community is playing defense.  However, despite the power of the plaintiffs’ bar’s six separate lobbying groups, CCJL and its allies have been remarkably effective at forging bipartisan alliances to turn back many attempts at “tort de-form.”

However, Colorado’s leadership position is threatened.  Colorado now has one of the 10 most costly litigation systems in the country, according to studies by both the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute for Legal Reform and economists at the Perryman Group.

Consistently among the ten best states in the nation in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce State Lawsuit Climate ratings, Colorado fell to 36th in 2017, an all-time low.  By most accounts, Colorado’s statutory protections against speculative lawsuits are better than most, but our courts continue to “creatively” interpret them in order to expand opportunities for litigation.

CCJL is strongest when we represent a broad coalition of businesses and consumers.