Misplacing the blame for mass shootings

From the Denver Gazette, op-ed by CCJL executive director Mark Hillman:

Last year, the Colorado General Assembly demonstrated the good sense to pass Senate Bill 115, recogning that property owners are not liable for actions committed on their property by criminals.  It didn’t matter, legislators agreed, if the property owner operated a controversial business.  Ultimate responsibility for harm rests with the person who pulled the trigger.

Less than a year later, some legislators now propose that Colorado turn this logic on its head in order to make another controversial industry – firearms manufacturers and retailers – liable for others’ irrational actions.  This is akin to holding car manufacturers responsible for drunk drivers or, worse, for a deranged individual who uses a vehicle to run down pedestrians.

Understandably, lawmakers are desperately searching for elusive solutions to the tragedy of mass shootings.  Even “red flag laws” have not been especially effective in proactively stopping potential mass shooters, so proponents now seek to harass gun manufacturers out of business through endless litigation.  That may feel good in the heat of the moment, but this bill will do nothing to stop criminals or the mentally ill from inflicting harm on innocent Americans.